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The relationship between Japan and Asian countries such as China is getting increasingly close in a wide range of areas. In recent years, the number of foreign tourists from Asia has drastically increased. As globalization advances in Japan, the deeper the relationship between Japan and Asian countries will become.

I have been living in Japan for many years. I graduated from a Japanese university and worked for a big Japanese travel agency and government organizations in Kansai municipality. Through these experiences, I became quite familiar with the Japanese way of thinking and cultivated human networks as well. I am now engaged in various kinds of consulting businesses around tourism, mostly regarding inbound foreign tourists. As you know, tourism links to many kinds of businesses, such as resources, human resources, products, and so on. From tourism, many kinds of businesses are derived, such as promotions, international exchange, and merchandising.

I was born outside Japan, but now I can provide matching business between Japan and Asian countries based on a Japanese way of thinking. The business includes promotions, people-to-people exchange, multi-language translation/interpretation, plans for travel products, plans and arrangements for company visits, international exchanges for youth, and so on.

In 2014, I was designated as an expert of the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation and then as an expert in supporting local business hands-on in the Kyoto area. Since then, I've been moving here and there to advise people who face with problems in business. Additionally, I hold seminars to teach the know-how and techniques to accept and welcome foreigners.

I believe my foreigner viewpoint and Japanese way of thinking, along with my many years of experience and human networks, will surely contribute to the development of your global business.

Representative: Futo Nika
(Chinese Name: Kaku Syouri)

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